Kirkland Kennels

Our Policy and Contract

We are open to anyone interested in buying one of our puppies. Just call for an appointment. We do ask that you not go to another kennel before coming here and as much as you love your other pets we can't allow them in our kennel.

We provide indoor housing for all our dogs. They can go in or out as they please. They all have large, individual runs. We also provide heat and air.

Our Contract

General Health Warranty:Your pet is guaranteed to be healthy, that is to say, there are no serious health problems, however, for this warranty to be effective, you must (1) take your pet to the veterinarian within 2 days from the date of purchase and (2) notify me of any major problems.

Ear mites, worms and coccida are not serious problems if treated and are not covered by this warranty. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is a serious health problem but is excluded from this warranty as this is generally caused by too much activity and/or too little food and is within your control.

Genetic Warranty: Your pet is guaranteed against any life-threatening genetic or hereditary problems for 12 months from date of birth. If you notify me within 2 days from the time of purchase that your Vet has found your new pet to have a major problem (applies to the General Health Warranty), or if within 12 months from date of birth you notify me that your veterinarian has found your new pet to have some life-threatening genetic problem (applies to the Genetic Health Warranty), then I will replace the pet with a healthy pet of a similar kind when available upon your promptly returning the pet to me along with a letter from your vet. stating this, and upon my vet. confirming your vet's. findings. Replacement Only. No Cash Refunds. As a condition to the Genetic Warranty, in the event your pet dies within 12 months, you must provide a written autopsy report from the Veterinary School at The University of Georgia or Tifton confirming that a genetic defect was responsible for the death of the pet.

Under no circumstances will I be responsible for any expenses incurred by you.

I do not guarantee the size of this pup as to how large or small it will be when fully grown.

Papers: If not delivered at the time of pick-up, will be mailed to you as soon as possible. Usually 3-6 weeks

You will be given the date your puppy is ready for pick-up. If the puppy is not picked up within 2 days of the date given (unless other arrangements have been made with me) there will be a $15.00 per day boarding fee for 10 days, after which time the puppy will be put up for re-adoption and you will forfeit your deposit.


**Appointments and late arrivals: I strive to provide each buyer with full attention and to create a schedule that can accommodate you as efficiently as possible. When I make an appointment with you, it is a two-way commitment. Please let me know in advance if you can’t make it, so I can offer your time slot to someone else.Please also call ahead if you are running late. I will do my best to accommodate you, but will likely have to reschedule your appointment if you arrive more than 15 minutes late.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please provide me with at least 24 hours’ notice as No shows and cancellations cause a significant financial burden on our small business and limit access for other buyers.