Kirkland Kennels


Chris (and Guinness)

Our new Boston Terrier pup I purchased from you a couple of weeks ago is simply the most adorable little guy! My vet checked him out as perfectly healthy and strong (and obviously well fed!) and he is scheduled to have his next puppy vaccination on July 25. I’ve named him Guinness and he has already settled into his new home. In fact, he has already taken it over as his own! His personality is definitely coming out and he is quite the gentleman that his breed proclaims to be.

He is smart as a whip as well. Probably the smartest puppy I have ever owned. At 8 weeks, and in my home for only 2 weeks, he is already house trained. I don’t leave him out free all day just yet because he still has a tiny puppy bladder, but he has never messed his crate and has not had an accident in the house since the first couple of days that he has been here. He holds it in well, whimpers and barks when he is ready to go outside, and knows exactly what to do when the door opens! He knows his name and is already responding well to simple commands like “No” and “Come”. At this rate, I’m afraid he may end up smarter than his owner rather quickly!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that he is very much enjoying his new home and he has already become my best friend. We are quite the pair! I’ve attached a couple of pictures which are sure to make you smile.

Thank you again for having such a clean and well run kennel; for having a beautiful blood line of pups with excellent health, temperament, and personality; and for such a friendly and smooth transaction. Please feel free to use me as a reference should anyone require one in the future. I wish you continued success with all of your breeds.

Bob McClure, Aiken SC

Our Westie is exactly one year old today (7/30/08). Pride of Mackintosh (Mac) has turned out to be a wonderful pet and everything we could wish for in terms of temperament and willingness to learn. He has become an integral member of our family and has brought much joy into our lives. We are so fortunate to have made contact with you. Many, Many thanks for doing such a wonderful job in producing such a loving dog and an excellent example of his breed.

Carol Tabb

Just wanted to let you know when we took our puppy to the vet, one of your other female puppies was there too. It belonged to Mr. Pound and it was a beautiful dog.

We saw Dr. Hobby who is new in that clinic. He said Roxie was the healthiest kennel puppy he had ever seen. He said who ever we got her from sure takes good care of their puppies.

Paige Bearden

We chose the West Highland Terrier breed because we loved their characteristics. We've had our dog Winston for about a year and a half and he is the sweetest, smartest and best companion we could have ever asked for.

Not only is he adorable, people comment all the time on how well behaved and smart he is. He was so easy to train and learned tricks very early on. We take him on vacations with us and he has become a very big part of our family. He is so good with children and loves everyone and every dog he meets. We are so grateful to have him in our lives. Thank you, Janet for giving us such a great friend!

Scott Ivette

I couldn't tell you in words how much we love our Boston. She's bright and lots of fun! My husband and I can't get enough of her.

Thank you for all your care. Love,